Golden Temple – Amritsar

[rockyou id=156593344&w=500&h=400]

9th May – Cycled to Amritsar and the Golden Temple.  We were directed to the tourist block where we met and chatted with a Polish woman, who use to live in Edinburgh, but was leaving that day.

We ended up hanging out with Ingrid, who had spent a year and a half travelling around India and Michel, a Buddhist from the Netherlands, who spent time volunteering in McCloud Ganj,  for the next three days.

On our last day there someone tried to throw acid on the holy book and the Sikhs unsheathed their swords and kept the perp under wraps until the authorities showed up.

On Sunday we shared a mini van ride to the Waagh border ceremony with Ingrid, Tim, an Australian guy who was never without his camera, and Michel.  On the way there Ingrid suggested we make a stop at the fertility temple.  Only problem was, there was more than one Mati Temple and Ingrid had left the Lonely Planet guide back at the dorm.  All I’ll say is that this temple with the ‘caves’ we were seeking was nothing like what we expected, but then nothing in India ever is.


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